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We would like to thank all our customers for supporting us in our first year of operation in 2015. We do really appreciate that you chose to buy from us and we will also work to give you the best service we can. We know you have a choice and so we will continue to provide good service through 2016.


New Youtube Channel :

We have just made out first Youtube video.  Our aim is to talk about valves in each episode in 5 minutes or less.

Please excuse the video quality. I need to get better lighting and camera.  The aim is to improve this on the second video. This first one talks about matching and balancing. The aim is not to go mega technical. You can watch the 30 second introductionby clicking here.  and you will find the intro and the first episode here.  Feedback on the content is always appreciated. Just email us on

Updated Website: New Features

As you read this, this new updated website has gone live. We have now made the website easier to navigate and reduced the size of the pictures to get more on screen so that it is easier for you to see the blogs and the products.   We have also worked to make the appearance on your phone or tablet more like the new PC/MAC website appearance

The website now can take payments in multiple currencies and will allow more options on shipping your orders.  Payments can be made in UK Pounds, US $, Canadian $, Australian $, New Zealand $, Euros, Bulgarian Lev’s , Danish and Norwegian Kroner.  We will continue to expand the range of currencies accepted.

We also sell on Ebay and you can see our excellent feedback as a premium seller.  Check us out on Ebay here.

Our range of product is a bit more limited on Ebay and the prices can be higher to cover the extra costs of selling on Ebay.  Our main business is here on this site.

We will keep expanding the product range in 2016!

New Products

We have introduced more new valves both for the musical instrument amp market and the hi-fi market.  Newly added are :

  • JJ Electronic 7591S which is a compact version of this output valve. Available as matched pairs. A very popular valve in Hi-Fi amps of the late 1950’s and 1960’s.
  • JJ Electronic 5881 Matched pairs. A highly popular valve for American amps. We have been stocking the Tung Sol version for a  couple of months
  • JJ Electronic 6550 /KT88. These are in matched pairs and are big beefy bottles ! High power for the big stuff !
  • Sovtek EL84M . This is the ruggedised version of the trusty EL84 as found in Vox AC30’s etc.  They are much more substantial with more metalwork and slightly wider than the traditional EL84.  They are very durable and will handle more power.
  • We now have the EL844, reduced power EL84 in matched pairs.
  • All the above can be found in our output valve kits page
  • Other recent pre-amp valve additions are the Electro -Harmonix 12BH7, EF86,  12AX7,  and JJ EF806s. All these new pre-amp valves are in the pre-amp valves page.

Customer Reviews

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"Prompt delivery, boxed and secure, included a tip sheet and a handwritten thank you. All valve sellers should be like this. Highly recommended." - Steven L.

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"I don’t think I’m the only guitarist out there who knows his/her guitars, but very little about tube amps. I ordered a Supro valve kit (which is great), but it’s the service, help & advice I received from Stewart that was outstanding. I was going to say ‘these guys’, but it didn’t seem right, as my communication was just with him. Thank you!" - Robert G.

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