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This is a summary on Brexit and valve pricing.

Following the UK referendum on Brexit, we have seen a lot of turmoil in the stock market and currency markets.

How does this affect pricing of valves and imported amps, guitars?

Russian valves makes such as Tung Sol , Electro  Harmonix,  Sovtek have their base pricing in US $.  JJ Electronic are in Slovakia and we buy from the factory in Euros.

The Uk £ has fallen against the Euro from its peak of 1.30 Euros to the £ to under 1.20 Euros to the £. This makes a big impact on the prices we have to buy at.

The UK £ against the US $ is a worse situation and in this case the £ has fallen from a peak of approx $1.54 to $1.33 today.

Both drive up our buying costs in £.

We do have good stocks and our policy is to sell our valves based on the pricing in £ that we actually paid for them and we did do a “panic buy” and topped up our Electro Harmonix Sovtek and Tung Sol stocks at the pre-Brexit pricing. As an example we bought the last of the Electro Harmonix GOLD 12BH7’s at the old pricing.

On JJ valves we do have good stocks but some valves are getting low in stocks.  We unfortunately ran out of EL34 and ECC81, ECC82 ECC83S so were forced to buy at rubbish exchange rates.

Our advise is to shop around. Every supplier is in the same boat.  You will find deals on current stocks but as each supplier gets low on the stocks the price will only go up if the change rates keep getting worse.

We will still work to be competitive and offer the same quality of service. We will not corners and still use quality packaging to protect your valves.

Our website sells in about 14 different currencies and so our Euro based customers have just seen our valve prices drop ! Its time to pick up a bargain if you are buying in Euros. Of course this will only apply with our current stocks so the time to buy is right now!

We do also have a shop on Ebay where we sell a smaller range of products as compared to our website.  Pricing is always higher on Ebay than on our own website. We have to cover the significant costs on maintain an Ebay shop plus pay all the fees. An immediate way to save is buy from our website and not on Ebay.

Here is a comparison for today Sunday 3rd July

Matched Quad EL84 from JJ. One of our best selling kits both on Ebay and Our website. I have put links so you can check the price as this comparison will inevitably become out of date and I don’t want to make unfair comparisons.

Our website price £41.99 inc free post in the UK. One other supplier is charging over £55.0 on his website so you can see the impact is starting to appear.

Our Ebay shop price £47.99 inc free post in the UK

So the message is save by buying direct. There is no need to open an account. If you are used to buying on Ebay then we have Paypal express which means no registration just click and buy and out systems take care of everything else.

Even if you don’t have a Paypal account just click as guest and you can use your credit or debit card. We try to make it nice and simple.

We will still keep expanding our product line and we have introduced the Electro Harmonix 12BH7 GOLD and the Electro Harmonix EL84 matched pairs and quads.



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"Prompt delivery, boxed and secure, included a tip sheet and a handwritten thank you. All valve sellers should be like this. Highly recommended." - Steven L.

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"I don’t think I’m the only guitarist out there who knows his/her guitars, but very little about tube amps. I ordered a Supro valve kit (which is great), but it’s the service, help & advice I received from Stewart that was outstanding. I was going to say ‘these guys’, but it didn’t seem right, as my communication was just with him. Thank you!" - Robert G.

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