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A lovely 1964 Vox AC30/6 came along as it was felling a bit poorly.  The amp sounded- well- just not like an AC30 should. The vibrator / tremolo pedal had…

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There is a lot of confusion in the market on Svetlana and Winged C Valves.   A number of UK suppliers claiming they are selling current production Winged C valves which are…

EL34L JJ Matched Quad Pack Image

We have broadened our range of EL34’s in our store. But which one is best for my amp? This is a handy quick guide to EL34’s We now have :-…

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Image

Another Fender Hot Rod Deluxe arrived .  This was one of the early ones in really nice physical condition dating from around 1998.   It was made in the USA.  Alas,…

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The Fender Blues Jr is a popular amp. It has enough power with 15 watts for small gigs and it does have the Fender tone with a hint of “Britishness”…

ART PRO MPA II Tube Microphone Amplifier image

An ART Pro MPA II Tube Microphone Amplifier arrived for repair.  This two channel unit uses two 12AX7 valves. They are made in China.  The fault was blowing mains fuses….

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Image

A Fender Hot Rod Deluxe arrived that was not well. These 40 watt amps sound pretty good when they are working. However, a number of faults appear as they age….

Worn and New Tung Sol EL34B Image from a Bugera 333 amp

I was repairing a Bugera 333 amp which was really badly crackling.  Taking the back off the amp revealed cooked EL34’s. This is a 120 watt combo amp.  A gigging…

Do you often wonder what quality standards are applied when testing your valves? You want to make sure you  buy the best quality and this article explains reliable Russian valves….

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"Prompt delivery, boxed and secure, included a tip sheet and a handwritten thank you. All valve sellers should be like this. Highly recommended." - Steven L.

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"I don’t think I’m the only guitarist out there who knows his/her guitars, but very little about tube amps. I ordered a Supro valve kit (which is great), but it’s the service, help & advice I received from Stewart that was outstanding. I was going to say ‘these guys’, but it didn’t seem right, as my communication was just with him. Thank you!" - Robert G.

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